What people think about Serta prodigy ever feel Mattress?

You are investing a pretty solid amount into a mattress and it’s important to look up on the reviews so you don’t end up regretting your purchase and that’s where we come in. We have compiled a Serta prodigy ever feel review.

In case you don’t know about the mattress’s salient features, it is the first mattress to feature the Cool Action Gel Memory Foam. It is the world’s first memory foam that is integrated with the support and cooling touch of Serta’s Micro Support gel.

Positive comments from Serta prodigy ever feel reviews:

Perfect for side sleepers:

The firmness levels and the pressure relief’s points of this mattress make it perfect for side sleepers. You will get perfect pressure at your hips and joint in fact many people have said that it has helped with their sore hips.

Good temperature regulation:

The temperature regulation of the mattress is pretty good. You won’t feel the need to constantly remove or put on your blanket. In other words you won’t feel too hot nor too cold while sleeping.

Free delivery and long warranty periods:

If you decide to purchase the mattress online then you will get a free white glove delivery. It means the mattress will be delivered at your desired bedroom and your selected specific spot. Moreover, you may get a warranty of up to 20 years on purchase of the mattress. The warranty covers for all workmanship errors and covers are excluded from the warranty.

Negative comments from Serta prodigy ever feel reviews:


Although the mattress has 7+ customer satisfaction rating but still is too expensive. The mattress itself starts from $2299.

Doesn’t has good firmness level:

The firmness level for the mattress has been measured around 4 (give or take). This means that people who prefer soft mattress may like it but it’s not ideal sharing the mattress while they have different preferences for firmness.

It is not reliable:

If you are investing more than $2000 into a mattress than you would expect it should at least last you 10 years but this is not the case here. The mattress lasts around 1 to 3 years and if you are lucky it may last for 5 years. After this time period the mattress foam gets really soft, you need to give support to lift yourself up from the mattress.

Poor customer support:

Although you have purchased a pretty expensive mattress don’t expect good customer support. They won’t cooperate or at times you may not receive a response for them.

No value for money:

It doesn’t last for a long period for time and hence it is not a good value for money. When you are spending 2 grands you expect a mattress that lasts for at least a decade.

I hope our 2020 mattress reviews will be useful for you. In case you still cannot decide then you have the option for a 120-day home trial. You can look that up on the website,

Good luck with your next mattress!

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